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I can't believe how long it has been since I have reached out to you all. First off, I am grateful for all of my readers and supporters who have supported me over the years since I started publishing, and there's definitely more projects to come. 

Since it has been so long, I want to make sure that you're only receiving emails from me because you want to learn more about my projects and hear from me on occasion. So, if that isn't you, simply click here and you'll be unsubscribed.

For those of you sticking around, thank you!! Here's what you'll find in this email:

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Personal Update

Do I ever know what day it is? It's rare. Between the pandemic and mental health issues, the executive disfunction I've been dealing with is stronger than usual. If that's something you've ever dealt with, I know you understand how difficult it can be to organize and complete tasks when it's your own brain working against you. It's something I have to overcome every day, and some days, weeks, and months are worse than others. My hope is to one day be able to afford an assistant to help with tasks that need to be regularly handled, but for now, I'm a one-person-show and working with what I have. 

I'm thankful to report that my husband and I have successfully avoided Covid so far, but it has affected many members of our family, including my niece who just turned 11 today. My heart goes out to anyone who has been or is currently affected by the virus, job loss or reductions as a result, or those dealing with back to school chaos in the midst of this, but I hope you are all doing well. 

Book Update

I have released two new books this year! (I know, I know, not on top of the communication game.)


A Sins of Ashville/Salvation Society Crossover

I came on vacation to reclaim my independence, not to end up with another man.

Apparently the universe had other plans when it put an ex-Navy SEAL l in the condo next door.

The moment Riker walks up, I sense something familiar about him.

Is it because he reminds me of the men I’ve walked away from?

Or is it because I see something of myself?

Even when I try to avoid him, our paths continue to cross, but at the end of the week, we’ll be separated by hundreds of miles.

If you love Corinne Michaels' Salvation Series or angsty romance featuring a former Navy SEAL and plenty of banter, I hope you'll check out Irreverent

Limey Bastard

A Cocky Hero Novel

One year of post-doctorate research separates me from the career that will get me the heck out of Rhode Island and away from my obtrusive parents.

I expected Dr. Greyson Bedford, a sexy British professor from Oxford University, to upend life on campus, but I didn’t expect him to do the same with my heart.

Despite his persistence, I keep to myself, but when a migraine strikes at work and I have no one else to turn to, he gives me something unexpected: a connection I haven’t felt in years. His touch opens a conduit to my past and the accident that almost robbed me of my dreams.

I swore I’d never let anything get in my way again, especially a brash heartthrob who will return to England at the end of the school year.

I had a plan. Not the best laid plan, but one semester with him changes everything.

Limey Bastard is a standalone story inspired by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s British Bedmate with appearances from Simon, Bridget, and family.

You can find all of the details and links on my website:

Books Currently in Kindle Unlimited

  • Irrevocable (ending Aug 30)
  • Limey Bastard
  • Irreverent
  • She-Devil (ending Sept 26)
  • Redline Novellas (ending Sept 8)

Books Currently Wide (Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple Books, etc)

  • Entrust
  • Trust Fall
  • Trust Duet eBook Set

Books going wide in September

  • Irrevocable
  • Unbreakable
  • Insurmountable
  • Redline
  • Serafina

And coming late 2021-2022...

  • Finding Arden (Boom Factory)
  • A RH Paranormal Anthology 
  • A Paranormal/Fantasy Anthology
  • A new Club Obsidian Duet

And now, allow me to introduce you to a certain Limey Bastard

I dig a couple of my binders out of the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet where I’d stored some important documents for the summer so the cleaning crew wouldn’t accidentally misplace anything. When I find what I’m looking for, I straighten, catching my elbow on the metal frame of the whiteboard behind my desk.

“Shit.” As my fingers tingle, the binders clap against the floor.

“Need a hand?”

I spin at the sound of a British accent and freeze in place. I was right, the image on Oxford’s website did not do him justice. He’s taller than I imagined, long and lean, standing head and shoulders above me with captivating azure blue eyes. His dark hair is neatly trimmed, and a thin beard highlights his angular jaw. Nothing could have prepared me for the sight of him walking around my desk, kneeling in front of me, and handing me the binders.

“Thank you,” I manage to speak without stuttering.

How long had he been there?

“I’m Dr. Greyson Bedford, and you must be Dr. Schwartz.”

“Kenna,” I say, sliding the binders across my desk and offering my hand. As soon as his hand closes around mine, I lose my place. Are my fingers that cold? His palm feels sweltering against mine. “If you prefer to use titles, Dr. Kenna is preferred.”

“Got it. I prefer Greyson. I hear you’re the resident expert on the journals.”

Don’t blush. You’re far too damn pale for that. Stop staring at his smile and say something. “Well, as much of an expert as there is, I guess.”

He snorts. “Take credit where you can get it, Kenna. Don’t sell yourself short.”

I’m working on that. “I started working with the journals while doing my thesis and moved over two years ago to transcribe and study them for my dissertation.”

“I look forward to hearing all about them.” He flashes a wry grin, taking me aback.

“Have you had a chance to look around the campus and meet everyone yet?” I go with the next question that comes to mind, hoping to avoid the unpleasant silence which would lead to more gawking on my part.

“I met with Dr. Bindas this morning. He showed me around and introduced me to a few of the professors over there, and Xavier Nash stopped by for a few minutes.”

I swallow. “How’d that go?”

“A bit smarmy, isn’t he?” Greyson leans against the windowsill, crossing his ankles and gripping the edge with his long fingers.

I try not to get caught up on the way those jeans hug his thighs. And other things. “Not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds accurate.”

“You’re a fan of the Bod?”

Saliva pools in my mouth and catches in my throat when I try to swallow. “What?”

“The Bodleian.” He points to the framed picture on the wall above the whiteboard. I picked it up three years ago, as a reminder and a way to motivate myself to get through the hard days.

Right, dumbass. “I guess it’s my unicorn library.” 

@copywrite Skye Callahan, 2021

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